Luis A. Salas

Luis A. Salas
Associate Attorney

Luis is an immigration attorney, who speaks Spanish fluently, and has more than four years in the practice of Immigration Law.  He is also the newest member of the Immigrant Defense group.  During his time as an immigration lawyer, Luis has already defended a very large number of clients (from various parts of Latin America, South-east Asia, and Africa) in different Immigration Courts throughout the United States.  In particular, Luis has established a remarkable level of success representing asylum applicants before the San Francisco Immigration Court.  Luis has also defended clients in immigration court with applications for cancellation of removal, waivers, bond and other strategies.  He also represents clients with other applications such as U-Visa, Naturalization, and the family-based immigration process.   

Luis’ path to becoming an immigration lawyer is unique. Luis earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree cum laude at the University of Arizona.  In recognition of his scholarly achievements in the arts and humanities, the University of California Berkeley awarded Luis with a coveted Chancellor’s Fellowship and in 2005 he accepted a position in doctoral graduate program in the Humanities at Berkeley.  Despite his passion for the arts, Luis gave up his position in a prestigious doctoral program to pursue a career as an advocate for immigrants.  Luis obtained his Law degree from the University of San Francisco School of Law.  As a law student, Luis focused his studies on immigration law and studied under Professor Bill Ong Hing, a nationally recognized expert in immigration law and policy.

Luis’ greatest asset as an advocate stems from his own experiences with the immigration system. Luis, himself was born in Sonora, Mexico.  His father is a native of Peru, his mother also from Sonora, and his older sister was born in the United States.  Because his family comes from such diverse backgrounds, Luis has developed a deeper appreciation and understanding of multicultural perspectives of his clients.  After moving to the United States, Luis spent more than two decades navigating and assimilating to American life in Southern Arizona—where on a daily basis he experienced and witnessed first-hand how some of the most invidious and inhumane immigration policies were implemented on immigrants and communities of color.  Luis utilizes all of his experiences to provide his clients with representation and service that is informed, empathetic, passionate and credible.

Luis is a member of the Bar of the State of Arizona and the American Immigration Lawyer’s Association.

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