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Immigration Consequences of Criminal Offenses

Immigrants charged or convicted of criminal offenses may face the additional penalty of deportation. Our attorneys frequently work with criminal defense counsel as consultants, advising them of the immigration consequences of potential plea agreements, and we defend immigrant from deportation for their crime in the Immigration Court.

Many green card holders make the serious mistake of believing they are immune from deportation. In certain circumstances, even a single shoplifting offense with no jail time can result in the nearly automatic deportation of a green card holder. Crimes involving moral turpitude, such as theft and seriously injuring someone can result in deportation or ineligibility for lawful status. Domestic violence, drugs, firearms offenses, and numerous other offenses can cause similar problems. If you are a permanent resident charged with a crime, you should hire an experienced immigration lawyer to ensure your plea agreement will not result in your deportation. Even if you do not currently have lawful status, the opinion of an immigration lawyer can help ensure you do not unnecessarily give up the opportunity for future legalization.

If you are charged with deportability for a crime, you should immediately hire an experienced deportation defense lawyer. The intersection between criminal and immigration law is one of the most complicated areas of law. You may be able to have your case terminated if DHS has improperly charged you with deportation. Even if the judge finds you are properly charged, you may be eligible for a discretionary waiver of your deportation.

The attorneys of the Law Office of Robert L. Lewis are experienced litigators in the field of deportation for criminal offenses. For more information, please call for an appointment.